Client Endorsements

We take great pride in the work that we’ve done for our clients. Their success stories motivate us and will, hopefully, encourage you. Learn more about their experiences by reading what they have to say.

I have known Rich Snebold for about 30 years. During that time, I have had numerous opportunities to work with him on matters involving family owned businesses. Rich’s genial and engaging demeanor invariably endears him to clients and tends to neutralize the family tensions that frequently accompany, and compound, difficult business issues. More importantly, Rich has consistently demonstrated the insight and sensitivity that are necessary to effectively assist in the resolution of those issues.

Bob McKee
Feldstein Grinberg Stein & McKee

We were thrilled with how Rich used a collaborative effort to come to a mutually agreeable resolution to our family business issues. He took the time to get to know what was most important to our family and guided us based on that. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking family business counsel or advice.

John Henne
Henne Jewelers

I was frustrated. My husband was involved in a family business where members didn’t discuss things, didn’t even speak to each other and all were getting older. How would it end? Rich came into our lives, was able to get all parties involved to discuss the situation, brought in the legal help needed to work out an agreement, and now we all are at peace. I highly recommend Rich for any family business with problems.

Jane Heasley