Leadership Package

  • Having qualified, experienced, and well-trained leaders are critical to the future success of  your business and your financial security.
  • Your business is more valuable to inside or outside “buyers” if it has a strong “bench”.
  • If you ever want to “transition” out of some of your daily duties, it is imperative that you have a strong leadership team.
  • The initial assessment is online and very confidential. It creates a detailed 25-page report called the Profile XT. It measures intelligence, strengths, and motivation, giving the business owner a completely OBJECTIVE assessment.
  • Dr. James Hazen will review the results with the business owner as well as the leader being assessed.
  • How do the other employees view the leader or future leaders LEADERSHIP skills? The Insight 360 report gathers (online) information from the candidate and 6-10 other employees. The answers are anonymous, allowing for complete honesty on the part of all participants. Comparing the future leader/candidate’s assessment regarding his leadership to the 6-10 others who work with him or her will reveal “gaps” that need to be addressed. Once again, Dr. Hazen will review the results with the owner and his chosen leader.
  • Based on the results of the Profile XT and Insight 360 assessments, five(5) online courses will be recommended to fill the “gaps” discovered. We have 4800 college and graduate level courses available.
  • Sample reports are available for a minimal cost of $75 each and will be credited toward the cost of future assessments.

Total Package: $1985.00